• The best residential internet plans in PNG

    Posted on 27 September 2017 by Simon in Internet.

    September 2017 analysis of ISPs in Papua New Guinea It’s been well over a year since I did my last analysis of internet plans and quite a few people have been visiting my site primarily for internet information. I have learnt a lot over the past year or so and wanted to present it in […]

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  • Information about Haus Meris (housekeepers) in PNG

    Posted on 4 September 2017 by Simon in Information.

    Background In Papua New Guinea, many expats employ a Haus Meri (Pidgin for house lady) to clean and tidy their houses or apartments a few days a week. A Pikinini Meri (child lady) is someone who cares for children during the day, usually at the child’s house. Whilst the pay is comparably low compared to […]

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  • Other PNG expat sites

    Posted on 17 August 2017 by Simon in Information.

    I really only care about good internet, saving money and board sports. Here are a few other blogs that may help if you are trying to find other up to date information about living in PNG. Currently active sites (2017) A Kiwi Expat in PNG –┬áHe has recently moved home but has some great info, […]

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  • Bank account comparison in Papua New Guinea

    Posted on 1 August 2017 by Simon in Financial.

    Here is some information so you can figure out who the best value bank is in PNG. Since some of the information on their websites dates back to 2009 (looking at you Westpac), take this info with a pinch of salt. Having said that, I currently have a Westpac All-in-One account and the fees are […]

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  • Why is the internet so slow in Papua New Guinea?

    Posted on 14 June 2017 by Simon in Internet.

    Whilst this question is always asked, in the past few weeks it has been asked even more so. This article will explain why and what is being done about it. 18 July update: The PPC-1 was fixed ahead of schedule and internet is back to normal. Last week it deteriorated again but that was because […]

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  • Datec PNG Internet Information

    Posted on 19 April 2017 by Simon in Internet.

    I created this post as my original ISPs of Papua New Guinea post was a bit content heavy for Datec. This post will contain all the information that used to be there plus a bit more. How does Datec internet work? You will have an airMAX Powerbeam M5 (PBE-M5-400) installed on your roof and an […]

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  • Best Australian mobile plans for expats

    Posted on 22 March 2017 by Simon in Financial.

    So you have been posted overseas for a few years and will be getting a new local number where ever you are. Thing is, you still need your Australian number to be active for 2-step verification (e.g. bank codes) and for important phone calls.┬áMany people stay on their monthly plans which is ludicrous, why pay […]

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  • How to use Telikom PNG internet data bundles

    Posted on 17 January 2017 by Simon in Internet.

    13 July update: Big update due to many changes with Telikom’s plans. Article heavily modified. Getting set up with Telikom After my recent update on my Papua New Guinea internet guide, I have had quite a bit of feedback about the new Telikom PNG internet plans. Here is my foray into their plans and the […]

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  • How to kiteboard at Gelebara Kite Club (Black Rock) near Port Moresby

    Posted on 4 December 2016 by Simon in Outdoors.

    Background One of the best kiteboarding locations in Papua New Guinea is Gelebara Kite Club (it’s Gelebara as in get), otherwise known as Black Rock. The name Black Rock comes from the fact that there is a massive strip of black rocks about a kilometre off-shore from the campsite. Gelebara is the name of the […]

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  • Update from Simon and Dana

    Posted on 10 August 2016 by Simon in Uncategorized.

    I was meant to write this a few months ago but the good life got in the way. Short version Dana and I moved to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea in April 2016 as Dana got posted here for work. I put my job on hold and am now unemployed and absolutely loving it. […]

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