A weekend in Port Moresby

Inspired by this post (link) I thought I would update it to include a few of the new places that have opened in Port Moresby and add my 2 toa. This will also be useful for the many relatives that visit expats in PNG and wisely only allocate 2 nights in Port Moresby before flying out to a much nicer part of PNG for a few more nights.

For directions, copy the plus codes into Google Maps. (https://plus.codes/)


13:00: Assuming you arrive from Brisbane, you would get your free visa on arrival at the counter next to duty free. Make sure you have a hotel or a name and address of someone you’re staying with in Moresby ready.

14:00: After delays at immigration and the baggage carousel, you meet your pickup in the waiting area and head off to the National Museum and Art Gallery which shuts at 15:00. H5FQ+PX Port Moresby

15:00: Scoot down the road and duck into the Nature Park which closes at 16:30. H5V8+75 Port Moresby

16:30: Head back to your compound or hotel and freshen up.

17:30: Drive to the Hilton and go up to level 19 and enjoy some nice single malts in the new whisky bar. H52H+5V Port Moresby

Mumu Restaurant

18:30: You head over to Mumu Restaurant at the Hilton and enjoy one of the best and biggest meals you will ever encounter. Note that the mains are massive and can feed 2 people easily; I recommend the rib eye. Mumu focuses on PNG cooking styles, PNG produce and is almost a fine dining experience. An absolute must for anyone visiting PNG!

21:00: If you are keen for more, go to Element Bar and explore one of the 3 bars available and hopefully some live music or a band. G4CX+QR Port Moresby


6:30: Drive over to Ela Beach and go for a walk and check out APEC Haus; don’t swim, the water is disgusting! G593+VQ Port Moresby

7:30: Head over to The Edge Cafe and enjoy a coffee and some breakfast. G5P3+66 Port Moresby

9:00: Find a craft market (rotating – Laguna 1st Saturday (H59J+92 Port Moresby), Moresby Arts 2nd Saturday (H59V+49 Port Moresby), Holiday Inn 3rd Saturday (H53J+JR Port Moresby), Ela Beach last Saturday (G592+VF Port Moresby) and buy something that Australian Customs will be happy with. Note that there are people selling prints and crafts outside Holiday Inn on Islander Drive every day of the week (H53J+H9 Port Moresby).

Independence Boulevard

10:00 – Drive down Independence Boulevard (The Road to Nowhere, H5CQ+Q5 Port Moresby) and wonder what it would have been like to race Maserati’s down here during APEC. Check out Parliament Haus if it’s open but you’ll probably just have to look at it from a distance. Drop into the National Gallery now if you missed it yesterday.

11:00 – Head to Vision City to try some VR and have a walk around. You can park in The Stanley and walk-through if you like. H56J+JC Port Moresby

12:00 – If you’re feeling adventurous, try and find the Duffy Cafe on Gabaka St for lunch (G5VV+XV Port Moresby), if you want the luxury option head to The Stanley and pay for The Pool Deck access. I think you get a meal and a drink included for K79. H56M+P3 Port Moresby

14:00 – If you are really adventurous, have a look at a second hand clothing market. The biggest one I know of is called Yakapilin Flea Market in Jack Pidik Park (G5QW+MW Port Moresby). Go in a group as it is in a dodgy area but you can often find a new Cue dress or Hugo Boss business shirt for K5. The other good one, closer to Stanley, is Moale Dabua Second-Hand Clothing. H54Q+M6 Port Moresby

15:30 – If ten pin bowling tickles your fancy, Lanes at Lamana is a lot of fun and reasonably priced (H55J+43 Port Moresby). Massive snooker tables next door too. Otherwise trek back to The Grand Papua Spa and get a massage! G5C2+F6 Port Moresby

17:00 – Head back and freshen up or relax. If you are keen to stay out, have some afternoon drinks at The Naked Fish (G4FX+66 Port Moresby) or try and weasel your way into The Yacht Club for some drinks (members and their guests only). G5M3+CW Port Moresby

18:00 – If you liked the look of Element Bar, head back there for a great Vietnamese dinner or if you want more contemporary food, try Mojo Social (G5P3+6R Port Moresby). Both have great cocktails and service.

22:00 – If dancing and more drinking is on the cards, Illusions is just around the corner from Element and is the go to nightclub for the party animals (G4CX+QW Port Moresby; entry from Champion Pde). If you don’t mind a drive, The Gold Club at Lamana is a bigger and fancier affair. H54H+WV Port Moresby


7:00 – Drive up to the top of Tougaba Hill for a view of the harbour and most of the CBD. G5G4+CR Port Moresby

7:30 – Head down to Duffy’s at Harbourside for breakfast and a coffee. G4FX+5H Port Moresby

8:00 – Hit the road out to Bomana War Cemetary to walk around the largest war cemetery in the Pacific. J733+38 Port Moresby

9:00 – Continue toward Sogeri and drive to Ower’s Corner which is usually where trekkers finish walking Kokoda. JFQQ+55 Fulimuti

12:00 – Head to Kokoda Trail Hotel for a great burger and a green can (can of SP, the local beer; I only drink from the can as the brown stubbies are returned to the brewery, washed and reused and I don’t trust the washing part of that process). HCG3+R9 Sogeri

Crystal Rapids Picnic Area

13:00 – If you have time, head to Crystal Rapids Picnic Area for a quick swim. HC9G+5X Sogeri

14:30 – Stop in Adventure Park on the way home to see a croc get fed at 15:00. There is also the National Orchid Garden there if that is your thing. J74G+C9 Tanubada

15:30 – By this point you should already be on your flight out of here back home or to a nice resort somewhere. The most commonly recommended ones I hear are Tufi, Nusa, Tawali, Walindi, Rapopo or if you really like birds, Rondon Ridge.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Thanks, Simon. This is actually quite a nice and ‘do-able’ suggested itinerary. I must say, you do a excellent job of making the city of my birth sound enticing (no mean feat). Even the Tourism Promotion Authority writeups are no match for you!
    I’m now tempted to spend at least one day instead of just transiting thru Jackson’s back to Kavieng or out to Brisbane. All this from someone who’s been avoiding Moresby like the plague for 30 years!

  2. TN says:

    Oh man is POM a different world from the highlands! A huge steak at the Hilton? Best you get in Goroka is a piece of shoe leather at the Steak Haus.

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