How to use Telikom PNG internet data bundles

July 2018 update: Big update due to many changes with Telikom’s plans. Article heavily modified.
Sept 2018 update: fixed up some new “features” aka things that make Telikom less great but still the cheapest.

Getting set up with Telikom

After my recent update on my Papua New Guinea internet guide, I have had quite a bit of feedback about the new Telikom PNG internet plans. Here is my foray into their plans and the best way to get the most out of them.

You can use your data via your mobile phone (4G SIM card), a mobile broadband modem (4G SIM card), a modem router (ADSL2+) or a router compatible with a fibre optic connection. In all cases you simply add kina (money) to your account and then choose data bundles to use.

I am only going to explain the process of getting the most out of a SIM card based connection at this time. I have heard of multiple issues from people with ADLS2+ connections which is not surprising considering how much PNG loves to neglect regular maintenance jobs; the copper wires are corroding away. Regardless, the plans and pricing are all the same across all connections. ADSL is substantially cheaper if you have access to their copper or fibre; and it works.

First, get a new 4G LTE SIM card which will cost you about K20, you will need to go into an office and give photo ID and fill out a form. When you top up with large amounts of kina (up to K100) you get bonus data but it’s hardly worth mentioning as it is max 250MB with 2 day expiry.

Put the SIM in your phone, wait about 2 minutes and call 1500 to activate it. If the SIM does not work it may not compatible with Telikom’s frequency bands (3G 850MHz, 4G 1800Mhz); see below for more information.

After activation, go to and login with your phone number (written on the SIM packaging) and default password 123456. Immediately change your password as anyone can access you account in the time between activation and changing your password.

Data bundles

The most important thing to remember, and this goes for all PNG mobile providers, use data bundles at all time. If you don’t you will use your wallet balance at a ridiculously high rate and waste a lot of money. Don’t let this happen, monitor your data bundles levels and expiry dates regularly and buy new bundles when you are about to run out of bundle data. Don’t rely on Telikom SMSing you to remind you that a bundle is about to expire or you are about to use up the data. Their whole SMS system rarely works.

The expiry dates seem to be:

  • 3 12 months for main wallet credit.
  • 2 days for bonus data for topping up kina
  • Regular data bundles have their validity posted next to them.

What’s great is, the entire main data bundle has it’s expiry date refreshed whenever you buy a new bundle. E.g. you buy a 7GB bundle and 13 days later you have 2GB remaining. You can buy a K9 400MB bundle and you will now have another 14 days to use 2.4GB as your main data.

Buying a new bundle will not extend the life of an existing bundle. It’s best to buy the new bundle and use up the expiring bundle before midnight of the date it is due to expire. You will use up old bundles before new bundles.

Topping up

When you use the credit card facility on, you get taken to an ANZ payment screen and you enter your credit card details. I haven’t tried with my Westpac PNG Visa card but my Australian Citibank Plus Visa works fine. Once you have kina in your Telikom wallet, you can use this credit to buy bundles. Until you have worked out how much data you use on average, I would not put a lot of money in your wallet, see bold writing above.

In summary

Like I mentioned in my other post, Telikom is cheaper but it requires more maintenance and monitoring to effectively use the data you buy.

A high data plan would cost you K250 per month and get you 14GB which is slightly more expensive than some of Datec’s Home Plans (albeit they are frustratingly slow between 08:00-18:00 Mon-Fri).

Tech stuff

Telikom PNG APN Settings

Create a new APN (Access Point Name) profile and put the following settings in, leave all other settings as their default setting.

Name: Telikom Mobile Internet
APN: internet
APN Protocol: IPv4
APN Roaming: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified
APN type: default (if you have issues, try default,supl. Adding dun sometimes helps when you are trying to hotspot your phone.)


Telikom tweet.

Telikom Speed Tests (thanks to a friendly reader)

I live closer to Konedobu overlooking the Yachtie and get slightly slower speeds throughout the day…

Taken at 10:30am on Thursday

Telikom Frequency Bands in PNG

3G – 850MHz (Band 5. Telstra uses this frequency so if your phone works with Telstra, it will work on 3G here.)
4G – 1800MHz (Band 3. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone all use this frequency in Australia.)

As provided by a “senior” employee at Telikom via email. Australian frequency data from Whirlpool.

Digicel Frequency Bands in PNG

3G – 900MHz (Band 8. Used by Optus and Vodafone in Australia.)
4G – 700Mhz (Band 28. Telstra and Optus use this in Australia.)

iPhone compatibility

If you have issues with your iPhone, update your iPhone to iOS 10.3 and you should be OK, see comments below for more info. I have been told that plugging it into iTunes is an easy way to update the APN/SIM settings.

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  1. info says:

    thanks for the info

    • Alice says:

      Hey Simon, great post. The data with Telikom is great but can you add anything about calls? Are they good value too?

      • Simon says:

        From my understanding, Telikom owns Citifon which is the company that manages calls and SMS for them. This link should give you some insight:
        However, when I look at my Self Care page, the SMS and call costs are far more expensive than advertised. I’ll look into it and update the page when I have concrete numbers.

    • Miguel Rivera jr says:

      Im Digicel user want to transfer to telikom.. My problem is what number is to press for data bundles? For Digicel *675# for telikom?


      • Justin Dye says:

        I had the same question. Usually a place that can sell you a SIM card would have a flier with this info too

        • Amenda says:

          I am using Samsung A20 which has dual sim phone so I’m using both the digicel sim and telikom sim. My problem is I cannot access internet through my telikom sim.

  2. Miada K says:

    iPhone compatibility issue noted here has been resolved!

    With Apple’s new iOS 10.3 release on the 27th March 2017, Telikom PNG has been able to connect iPhone users who have had some problems earlier.

    A Telikom Twitter follower had this to say:

    Ryan Khay‏ @ryan_khay
    Well, that’s a game changer in PNG! the new apple update has allowed newer model iphones onto the #4G @PNGTelikom network! worth the wait!

    Refer to this link to read more and upgrade your iPhone now to get connected to Telikom PNG’s 4G LTE network.

    Additional tips.
    iOS 10.3 update

    You can install iOS 10.3 by connecting your device to iTunes or downloading it by going to Settings > General > Software Update. The iOS 10.3 update is available for the following devices: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later and iPod touch 6th generation and later. The software update is about 650MB in size so you may need to clear up some space on your device to install it.

    • Simon says:

      Thanks Miada (and Mike) for the info, post has been updated.

      • Surya says:

        I am using an iPhone 6s. I had the same issue of the Telikom sim not comparable with my iPhone. Later I got signal in my phone once I updated my iOS to 10.3 . Now comes a new problem as I cannot make and receive calls and neither can I check my balance. I talked to customer service but still helpless. Any suggestions please.

        • Nick Enos Way says:

          Thank you Telikom for amazing changes.
          I just bought a Telikom Sim card and was amazed to see that Digicel is far more extra expensive.
          I have switched Digicel for good..

  3. Mike says:

    For future reference as of 27/03/2017 – Telikom 4G now works on iPhones and iPads with the iOS 10.3 update applied.

  4. William Binn says:

    That is some of the BEST info I have read on PNG living. Thanks heaps mate. Im in Hagen (20 years now). I also found that the small Pocket/Mobile Wifi’s dont want to hook up to them. The dongles seem ok (my unlocked Telecom Aus one works great). My phones work. I am going into the Telikom office today to try and get some more info on the Pocket Wifis. I will update you.

    • Simon says:

      Thanks mate. My Telstra Elite pocket wifi was terrible, switched to regular phone use now and it’s been very reliable.
      I was in Kokopo/Rabaul recently and the coverage was only slightly less than my Digicel using friends.

  5. Ron Dondolo KARO says:

    Thank you for this helpful information.

  6. Tina says:

    Thanks alot!!!!

  7. Stewart says:

    Hi Simon,

    Found your blog via the POM expats page on fb. It’s very helpful!!

    One question. We’ve been using digicel and bmobile internet via phones and a dongle, but due to pricing and problems it’s not a long-term solution for us. Now we want to switch to telikom (datec day data so slow, also enjoy the flexibility of prepaid).

    We are at ‘the peninsula’ so can either get the telikom dongle or adsl2+ from my understanding.

    What would your advice be, dongle or


    • Stewart says:

      I should add I was set to get telikom adsl until I read some others at peninsula were having issues with their adsl connections. Which gave me pause to ask you what you’d do.


    • Simon says:

      It’s a tough call since there is no way to know the quality of your ADSL connection before you pay for it. Copper is prone to corrode if it is not maintained and we all know what PNG thinks of regular maintenance and looking to the future!

      From memory, the set up fee for Telikom ADSL is small and there is no contract. If that is the case then you have little to lose except some time and effort to trial ADSL and if it fails, switch to 4G dongle. Let me know how you go.

      • Stewart says:

        Hi Simon,

        Update (it’s a bit of a long story, sigh)

        (tl;dr = Telikom home wifi internet installation. Major miscommunications between Telikom admin, customer service, technical staff, and customer. Staff dont appear to be on same page or know the product very well. Reliable connection 5.7mbps.)

        So on May 5th I paid my 49k at Telikom for their adsl router, was logged into system for installation and told the techs would be over sometime in the next 20 days.

        (side note: Datec returned my email after 1mth+ asking if anyone had replied to my email and wanted ~1000k setup fees.)

        Fast forward 20 days later and no one had contacted me, and this is with me following up in person after 14 days and also being assisted by a friend high up in the company in HR.

        After 20-something days I noticed the Telikom car at the apartments and the guys wandering around, only took them 3 attempts to get the right apartment, they had finally come to install but did not even call in advance. On top of that they tell me it’s fibre optics here and I need a router, not the adsl kit.

        So they ‘turn on’ one of the wall ports (we have multiple, of course they could only activate the one buried in the most hidden corner as MJ electrical has the keys to the locked electrical cupboard to turn the others on, sigh, you’d have thought this was their first installation here.)

        They give me brand name suggestions for routers and tell me to head to datec to purchase one and they’ll come back following week to install the free landline phone and they’ll finalise internet installation then. So after almost a month Ive been given wrong information and still have no internet connection.

        So I grab a router from datec and await the techs. Of course they never show up when they say they will and when they finally come Im not home. So I decide to setup router myself and realise it has a setup cd and I have a Mac with no cd drive, so I begin troubleshooting, downloading the installation program for the router and trying to setup. But deep into setup I keep getting “problem with upstream connection, contact ISP”, so after emailing back and forth with the tech at telikom, sending screenshots etc, he stops replying.

        Earlier this week by chance he was floating around the apartments so we grabbed him and he spent an hour or so setting us up and finally we resolved the issues and have working internet.

        Connection seems very reliable, Ive done a few speed tests and consistently get 5.7mbps download and 1.9mbps upload with 3-4 pings.

        Now I understand why the customer service girl was really trying to get me to take a telikom dongle and be done with it haha.

        • Simon says:

          Thanks for all the info Stewart. Very interested in the fact that you have a fibre optic connection to your apartments. I heard they were rolling it out but wasn’t aware it is in service. I assume you would then need a router similar to one needed for the NBN back home? Would also love to get some more info about how they set it up so that I can post the generic details on my site for people in your situation. My contacts are at the bottom of my site, get in touch if you want to share!

  8. cvkc says:

    plz increase your net speed, or maintain the service

    • Simon says:

      Apparently a link went down last week which is why many sites stopped working and the speed was slow. Telikom are aware of it and working to fix it, if they haven’t already.

  9. James says:

    Hello, I have xiaomi redmi 3. I tried to put SIM card into my phone and it didn’t get the signal or network. There wasn’t service. Do you know if there is a way to chance it? I tried same card on oppo phone, it worked. There must be a way to get it worked. Thanks!

  10. James says:

    Thank you, I mailed them. Do you say my phone supports that frequency? And yes my phone is unlocked.
    In addition, they say iPhones are supported with new upgrade. But I have some friends with iPhone, they say no, still same. No service.
    What do say about that? And for my xiaomi, what can be done?

  11. Miada K says:

    Hi James,
    If your friends have already upgraded their iPhones to release iOS 10.3, then please ask them to do a manual selection of the network and choose Telikom.

    After that, ask them to go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data and enable LTE.

    Then choose data because Telikom 4 LTE is for data only.
    Telikom uses voice on their 3G.

  12. James says:

    Hello, they said they still don’t get the service, no signal.
    As for my problem… Still exist.. How to get it work?

  13. Miada K says:

    Hi James,
    Could you get your friends with iPhones to indicate:
    1) What iPhone models they are
    2) Their 4G numbers and their respective serial numbers
    3) Get their email addresses and secondary phone contacts and mail those details to

    • Surya says:

      I have checked all my iPhone settings and all are correct. I would like to share one more thing that when the network is showing LTE then I cannot check my balance but sometimes when it shows 3g then I can check the balance and may be can make a call bcz that I haven’t tried .

    • Surya says:

      My phone model is iPhone 6s . My Telikom nu is 78067838. My email id is I talked to the customer service regarding my problem but didn’t get any help . Today I walked in the Telikom office and raised my complain but so far no news . Please guide . Thanks

      • Simon says:

        All I can offer is to make sure you have the latest iOS, update your APN settings and follow Mlada’s instructions.

  14. I have a Samsung J1 and i recently switched to telikom as your data bundles are cheaper, however I cannot access internet/ or the data isn’t enabled. Please advice how i can access my internet?

    • Simon says:

      Iesha, make sure you update your APN settings and then restart your phone. Have you checked that the Samsung J1 supports the frequency bands that Telikom offer?

  15. Raveen says:

    Telikom is perfect, when I start to use.But now it’s getting very very slow.When you guys try to fix this issue.Very hard to use.Hope you guys make a solution soon.

  16. Dmitry says:

    Hello! Internet is extremely slow during ~3 weeks. Do I only who have the problems?

  17. Von says:

    I am an active Telikom ADSL user and enjoy it. I have topped up online using my credit card once before. However lately, after inputting my credit card details it is not processing at all. Even clicking on the ‘OK’ doesn’t work. Am I missing a step?

  18. Green says:

    Hi Simon, Thank u for your post.
    My phone “zen phone 3 zoom s ” can talk and send sms by telikom sim. but can’t access internet due to proxy problem. i can see “4G” on the top of the screen. digicel sim works for my phone without any problem.
    Do you have a solution?  

    • Simon says:

      If you have updated the APN settings and restarted your phone, it should work; the Zen 3 is on the 1800MHz band.
      If you are running dual SIM are you sure that your phone supports all frequency bands in both SIM slots? Try putting the SIM card in different slots without another SIM in your phone. I know some phones can only run 4G in one slot at a time and will downgrade the slot capability depending on your SIM settings.

      • Ruben Benson Puli says:

        Hi Simon,
        Thank you for this information. I am having problem with my newly both Redmi 9c phone. It has dual SIM and encountered connection problem though one slot has been inserted results are same.
        Would please do provide me with brief guidelines. It would be really helpful.

        With Thanks


  19. DMario says:

    Anyone know how to stop all the spam text messages that Telikom sends? Its getting annoying.

  20. Miada K says:

    Telikom PNG is offering by far the most competitive, best value value for money on both its Mobile Voice and Data/Internet rates in PNG today. Check out the rates below.


    • Simon says:

      Miada, I did not allow your other comment as it was pure spam, like this one. I am happy to be given new information from you to update my site but your Twitter and Facebook accounts are where you should be telling people about how great your company is.

  21. Namit Kapoor says:

    Fantastic post. So helpful!

  22. Oliver says:

    Help me out!! My phone is 7plus and its updated to ios 11, but why is it that i cant use my data? When i use my digicel its fine but when it comes to telikom doesnt work. Is there any fix that you can share?

    • Miada K says:

      Hi Oliver,
      Here’s what you do.

      1. Please do a manual selection and choose Telikom.

      Telikom PNG APN Settings:
      Create a new APN (Access Point Name) profile and put the following settings. Ensure to insert the Telikom 4G SIM on slot 1

      Name: Telikom Mobile Internet
      APN: internet
      APN Protocol: IPv4
      APN Roaming: IPv4
      Bearer: Unspecified
      MCC: 537

      Note: Make sure to press “save” to save these settings and try.

      2. If this doesn’t still help. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. Select “Data only”.

      3. If all these don’t work, please advise Telikom Call Center on 78881500 or 3456789.

      4. Email: with your current location details, your Telikom 4G LTE SIM snapshot and an alternative contact number for further assistance

  23. Atomu says:

    I have a Telikom LTE Wingle which connects to the 4G network. Although the connection rate is at 150mbps upload/download my ping is very high, ranging from 700 to a thousand. How can I lower my ping? I’m trading binary and forex and with this high pings it’s difficult for me to place positions. Please any help.

    • Simon says:

      If you are getting good speeds and a reliable connection, I’d consider that your hardware is the issue. Have you tried hotspotting a phone or getting a 4G modem?

      I get 100ms ping consistently when I hotspot my Android phone and browse on a PC.

      • Atomu says:

        The Telikom LTE Wingle is a 4G modem. Connectivity is at full bars and connected to the 4G network. Pings to the default gateway ranges from 50 and lower but pings to, and ranges from 600 to 1000plus. I tried defragmenting files, cleaning up the drives, closing unnecessary background processes, stopping windows automatic update, full scan with Windows defender and resetting my modem but still end up with the same results. I’m located about 400 metres to the Main Tower. What could be the problem?

        • Simon says:

          Run ping tests on multiple devices that connect to the Wingle. If your phone, tablet and PC all have high pings, it’s not your PC.
          Move your modem to a friend’s house and run a ping test there, still high means it’s not your house or location.
          Ask friends on Telikom 4G to run ping tests, if they are high it’s not your modem. I’m not in country so can’t help right now. My friend just did a ping test on Telikom DSL and got 76ms. If they are getting that from Telikom, your modem is likely the culprit.

  24. nox says:

    Hi , I am having problem with network coverage .
    the telikom network bar is very low at level one . even though I am in the city in a open space . the network coverage is just the same . I can go into internet . even though I have internet connections set well in my phone .I using samsung galexy a50 . what is the problem now . can anybody from Telikom help me ?

  25. Ema Bagi says:

    I Am now switching myself to Telikom.

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