Other PNG expat sites

I really only care about good internet, saving money and board sports. Here are a few other blogs that may help if you are trying to find other up to date information about living in PNG.

Currently active sites (2017)

A Kiwi Expat in PNG – He has recently moved home but has some great info, for a New Zealander.

Pinoy in PNG – A guy from the Philippines who has been here for about 6 years, regular content about IT, design and his experiences.

Lists of inactive sites (2016 and older)

I have linked the PNG sections of the below sites which catalogue expat blogs all over the world. Most of these have had their owners head home but still have some info that might be useful.




Facebook Groups

The Kiwi covered them over a year ago but left out hyperlinks.

Expatriate’s Association Of Port Moresby – Closed group and well moderated. Used mainly for selling, recommendations and occasionally useful information. 2500 members.

PNG Expats – Public group that gets similar content to the above page; only difference is that you can see all the content without joining. 1000 members.

POM Parents Group – I don’t have kids so can’t tell you much about this one. 500 members.

More specific ones to be found using Facebook search, remember to try search terms like POM, Port Moresby, PNG and Papua New Guinea.

While only 10% of the country is officially “online”, the fact that Digicel offers free Facebook, similar to Facebook Zero, means that Facebook is growing quickly in PNG.

WhatsApp groups

A growing trend is to set up WhatsApp groups that revolve around common interests, e.g. golfing, kiteboarding. Whilst it’s hard to find out about them, if you know people already in PNG ask them what groups they are in and if you can get invited.


MarketMeri – One of the biggest classifieds sites. All the major news sites (National, Post Courier, Loop) have their own classifieds as well.

PNGJobSeek – Job site that occasionally has expat roles. LinkedIn is well used in PNG for expat roles as well.

PNG Autos – Car sale site.

I’d recommend trying to get in touch with the CLO (Community Liaison Officer) at the Australian High Commission to get the latest High Commission cars for sale. Diplomatic missions (Australia is by far the largest) can import cars tax free. When their posting is up, the diplomat is able to sell the car on the open market. If you can buy it, you get a Japanese maintained car that has only had 2-3 years in Moresby.

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